Dental Equipment Service

Dental Equipment

Dentistry is in a constant development so fulfilling the high standards of the industry is not easy at all. Whether you are a dentist with a newly open office or you want to upgrade your equipment, we can help you with the financing aspect. Our dental equipment financing is suitable for new and established offices so book your consultation and we will provide you with the best equipment financing rates.
You can choose whether you prefer new or used equipment. Since we are very experienced in the dental area, we can also suggest you the best options. All you need to do is share your expectations, desires and provide the necessary documentation that will allow us to proceed with the lease. Soon after, you will have an amazing equipment in your office.
Some of the dental equipment we can help you obtain:


Comfortable chairs for the patients and stools for the dentists influence the quality of the dental services.


X-rays, monitors, cameras for the dental photography and other innovative tools of innovative technology.


Over-the-head, over-the-patient, rear, side and other delivery systems with included instruments for better dental experience.


LED, tungsten halogen, lasers, plasma arcs and other lights used in dentistry along with other advanced equipment.

We regularly receive many equipment financing requests. Due to our expansion as a qualified lender, our possibilities have expanded as well. For that reason, we have even more opportunities to offer you the best services. You can ask any of our previous clients and they will tell you enough about the beneficial rates and quality of our services.

Benefits of our dental equipment financing

  • Consultation and suggestions of the best dental equipment for your office.
  • Extensive list of dental equipment included in the financing coverage.
  • Experience with providers of dental equipment and knowledge of the top products on the market.
  • Fast lease approval upon revision of your documentation
  • Flexible rates according to the size and requirements of your business.

You can book a consultation immediately and we will love to hear your desires and agree on the most convenient terms of the dental equipment financing for you.