Construction Equipment

We are a Finance company with fast-growing customer base across
Toronto and the GTA area.

You might have a good, professional team working for you but how much can they actually do without a good equipment? The All Approved Financial funds small and large construction equipment that will upgrade your services immediately. We are a Finance company with fast-growing customer base across Toronto and the GTA area. So far, we helped grow hundreds of businesses by helping them obtain the equipment for their construction works.
Following are some of the construction equipment types we can fund:


Crawler bulldozer and wheel bulldozer with U, S and/or SU blades. These are large, heavy vehicles that clients mostly purchase for construction or farming necessities.


Backhoe, multi-terrain, skid steer, track-type, and wheeled loaders. These engines can be small, medium and large. We provide financing for all types of loaders.


Compact, backhoe, suction, and/or dragline excavators. These are one of the essentials of the construction sites and we finance all brands and all makes.


Single-engine and dual-engine wheeled scrapers, pull-type scarpers, elevating scarpers, and other vehicles that usually serve to dig and haul earth and minerals.

We are the number one lease provider in the Toronto and the GTA area. With several specialists in the construction field, we will not only provide you the funds for your equipment. Instead, we will advise you on the best equipment you could lease and how it will reflect on your construction site. We won’t suggest you the most expensive equipment only to make you pay more. Instead, we will suggest the best equipment because that way, you will be able to finish the work faster, better and return to us. Apart from wanting to see you succeed, we also gain from your success, not failure. Trust us and we will take you to the very top.

Some benefits of our construction equipment financing:

  • In-depth analysis of your needs and decision-making regarding the type and condition of the equipment you lease.
  • Suggestions on the lease of the most convenient new and used equipment for your business.
  • An access to the inventories of prestigious dealers and lease of the equipment under the most reasonable price.
  • Flexible rates, terms and design of your transportation financing lease. Adjustment to your requirements and income.
  • Fast construction equipment financing without unnecessary delays.